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Welcome to Bruno Bonfils's (aka asyd homepage).

Yes I know, it's the 24th December. So what ? It's a perfect day to geek.


A friend give me a (root) access to a small box running the last Solaris Express, which include ZFS. Probably the more interesting feature in Solaris after zones.

Here what I done :

# zpool create data c0d0s7
# zfs create data/pkgsrc
# zfs create data/pkg
# zfs set mountpoint=/usr/pkgsrc data/pkgsrc
# zfs set quota=1G data/pkgsrc
# zfs set mountpoint=/usr/pkg data/pkg
# zfs set quota=512M data/pkg

One I type these command, I automatically have :

data/pkgsrc            1.0G   211M   813M    21%    /usr/pkgsrc
data/pkg               512M   5.7M   506M     2%    /usr/pkg

It's.. wonderful, isn't it ?

After a short use, I really like ZFS, all tasks are simple but efficient.


For the first time, I tried to use pkgsrc with Sun Studio C Compiler (instead GCC). You can check my notes here.