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Welcome to Bruno Bonfils's (aka asyd homepage).


A friend of mine bought an HPPA box with a HPUPX 11 installed. He let me playing with it (root shell for sure) before reinstalling it with a Linux or BSD (very thanks to him, by the way). I know few hours is a very short time to learn a OS, but it's I don't have more.

# uname -a
HP-UX hpux B.11.11 U 9000/785 2010833216 unlimited-user license

I discover for the first time a “recent” version of HPUX (I only used an old 9 version), with the well famous SAM (system administration manager). It is really cool, better than AIX's smit imho (more usable, well think, simple keyboard tool). At the moment, I mainly tried the HPUX Volume manager (with the Veritas FileSystem). I now know how the Linux's LVM is really close the HPUX's one.

Some things are really strange with HPUX. For example the initrd script files stored in /sbin while the rc.log is store in etc, but anyway, it's an UNIX and I'm happy to feel like a fish in the (dark) water.