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Welcome to Bruno Bonfils's (aka asyd homepage).

blastwave build tools

I create a subversion repository with a build environment to create a blastwave package (check the tags directory). I actually only have a tag for rrdtool-1.2.12, but I hope I'll have more in a short time. Note you can easily use the build environment for your own packages.

Available environment

  • socat
  • rrdtool 1.2.12


  • Compute the pkg-get's catalog file
  • Use /usr/ccs/bin/make ?
  • Maybe try to create a full build environment like the pkgsrc one ?

How to


  • A C compiler (Sun Studio 11 recommanded)
  • GNU Make


blastwave/ Contains pkginfo, copyright, depends packages files, you must edit these files
build.prefs variables used by the Makefile, you must edit this file
Makefile The (GNU) makefile (use /usr/sfw/bin/gmake), you usually don't need to edit it


SOURCE The package sourcename, must match the directory create by tar xfvz
UPSTREAM The file to extract
PATH The PATH to use by gmake
CC The C compiler to use (cc or gcc)
CONFIGURE_ARGS Configure arguments (–prefix is set from the Makefile)


  • Use Sun Studio as far as you can

blastwave integration

I wrote a zsh script to compute pkg-get's catalog and descriptions files. You can find it here