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Welcome to Bruno Bonfils's (aka asyd homepage).



  • Birthday : 1980 05 24
  • Country : France

I use computers since I'm ~10 years old (my first one was an Atari 520st, a very good one). Few years after, I had my first PC (~1994), running an old dos. And now, I'm system and network administrator. Sometimes, I wrote some little software, but I don't think I'm a good developer :/ (it's too long for me). I really enjoy to “play” with some OS like Solaris 10 (zones, zfs, etc..) and network too. I hope you will find here some help, ideas, or others..

I like

Geek stuff
  • OpenSolaris / Solaris 10
  • Linux
  • Networking (dynamic routing, Cisco, QoS, etc..)
  • Zsh
  • Pink Floyd
  • Syd Barrett
  • Jazz (mainly classical, like Sonny Rollins (my favorite song is Blue Seven), John Coltrane..)
  • Classical (Beethoven)
  • Archive
  • Lot of others…
  • David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Lost Highway, Mullholand Drive, etc…)
  • Ethan & Joel Cohen (The Big Lebowski, O'Brother, Fargo, etc…)
  • Miyasaki (my prefer one is Mononoke Heime)
  • Blade Runner
  • Few others anime like GitS (Ghost In the Shell)
  • Fight Club
  • Darren Aronofsky
  • 24, Band of Brothers, Ally Mc Beal
  • Philip K. Dick
  • Lovecraft
  • Frank Herbert
  • Serge Brussollo (a french author)
  • Terry Pratchett

I don't like

I don't have enough time to write all stuff i don't like.